Privacy Policy

Greenobags is pleased to serve you, and expects to build and maintain your confidence. We do not sell, trade, or give away our mailing list or any other contact medium. Any information you provide is never shared with any individual or third party unless you explicitly inform us to do so. Your information is completely private and confidential with us.

We understand that privacy is of great concern to most users of the Internet, and is a critical part of an enjoyable and satisfactory user experience. This guides everything that we strive to achieve. We are acutely aware of and sensitive to the privacy concerns of our customers and other visitors to our website. Whether you are a customer or a visitor to our site, we assure you that we do not collect personal information other than what you provide to complete a transaction.

We do not use cookies to track behaviour of visitors to the web site. We are happy to take your suggestions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Our Principles

Not only for our valued customers or potential customers but we acknowledge our responsibilities to all the stakeholders associated with us, our vendors, employees and most importantly to the society and the environment, which leads our following commitments -

General Principles

Greenobags and its employees always demonstrate the high levels of integrity, truthfulness, and honesty in order to upload both personal and corporate reputations and to inspire confidence and trust in their respective actions. We always conduct our business in a competent, fair, impartial and efficient manner.

Health & Safety

We in Greenobagscommits to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees both on and off its sizes. There is a programme of regular health and safety audits and safety trainings. We always apply our standards to all visitors to our sites.


We in Greenobags respects the environment and the need to protect it and minimize the impact on our operations have on it. We engage ourself in a continuous programme of improvement on environmental issues and we are opens to independent third-party verification, inspection and certification of its progress.


We in Greenobagstreat all our Employees with dignity and respect with equal employment opportunities given to all irrespective of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital status, family status, disability, age or normal origin. Employees are offered a safe and healthy workplace and Greenobagsnever tolerate any form of harassment.


We in Greenobags will always take all responsible care to avoid misleading statements, concealment and over statements in all of its advertising and public statements. We are seeking to build a long-term partnership with our customers by being honest and straightforward in its dealings at all times. We respect the confidentiality of any information it may obtain in relation to its customers.


We always chose our suppliers on the basis of factors such as price, quality, delivery, service, and integrity.


We in Greenobags build our reputation on the basis of our performance alone, we never complete vigorously and lawfully or unfairly with others. We never seek to damage the reputation of our competitors either directly or by implication.

Government, Regulators and Legislators

We in Greenobags seek to comply with all international, national and local legislation affecting its operations. We strive to follow the best practice in corporate governance. We meet our tax obligations. We do not make any financial contributions or offer support to any political party.

Giving and Receiving any Gifts or Entertainment

Employees of Greenobags never seek noraccept any gifts, favours or entertainment for themselves or others without a legitimate purpose from any person or business organization that does or seeks to do business with.

Anti-bribe and Anti-corruption Practices

We in Greenobags does not allow direct or indirect offer, payment, solicitation or acceptance of bribe in any form. The company has a separate Bribery Policy in place which examines in details the procedures all employees must follow to avoid involvement in any situation which might lead to the offer of bribes.

Our Operational Terms & Conditions (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

Usually 500 pcs. of any particular colour for standard size shopping bags

2. If customized base colour/fabric colour option available?

Yes, we can do customized fabric dyeing enabling us to make bulk quantity bags in any colour as per the buyer’s order

3. If customized packing of the ordered items available?

Yes, we can ship the bulk order items in any customized style of packing as per the need of the buyer

4. Samples available?

Yes, samples are always available, be it suggestive or enquiry specific fully customized samples and mostly we do not charge for samples except the courier account or unless some hefty cost is involved.

5. Provisions of pre-shipment inspection?

Although we have dedicated QC team and have the system of point-to-point checking at every phase of the batch production but we always welcome any inspection conducted by the customer through it’s representative or any 3rd party agency. Very frequently we undergo such inspections leading to satisfactory results.

6. Production Lead Time?

For standard shopping or promotional bags of up to 20’ FCL quantity we usually require around 35-45 days for production completion depending on the bagsize, style, colour, printing etc.

7. Shipment Terms

We can supply the produced goods in Ex-factory or FOB or CIF (up to the nearest port of the customer) terms through sea or air as per the choice of the buyer or if needed Courier Door Delivery can also be done.

8. Payment Terms

  • For Sea Shipments our usual payment term is 30% advance and balance on proof of shipment or 100% LC (irrevocable) at site issued by any 1st class bank payable in India.
  • For Air or Courier Shipments and for within India (Domestic) Sales our usual payment term is 50% advance and balance before the dispatch of the goods.